4 Solutions for Ensuring a Safe and Legal Way of Recycling Computers

The high-tech manufacturing industry produces millions of products that seek to offer various industries with greater efficiency, productivity and convenience. However, electronics including computers contain toxic materials, posing a threat to the environment particularly when improperly disposed.

Televisions, EKG monitors, lab analyzer, computers among other types of electronic equipment contain hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chlorinated plastics (PVC) and brominated flame retardants. The solutions for computer recycling to ensure safe and legal ways of disposing the redundant computer equipment include:

· Charity donation

The organization can consider donating the computers to a local school or charity. This can go a long way in generating greater benefits to the under privileged people. Making donations also serve as a good public relations for the organization. However, as a result of significant funding from the government the appetite for second-hand computers is on the decline. As a result, most organizations choose to export the donated equipment to Eastern Europe and Africa.

· Trickle Down Policy

In the trickle down policy, a computer that is redundant but still functions can be reused in a different department. This is a standard practice; as a result, many of the organizations are using the policy. The benefits of this policy include: maximum gains are derived from the possible life of working the computer; can get the ideal opportunity of reformatting the computer hard drive considering it is for internal use; and it is an environmentally friendly policy.

The disadvantages with the trickle down policy include: the data in the computer needs to be removed before redeploying the machine; the machine should be tested for safety once it is redeployed; the end-of-life and non-working equipment will need to be disposed; and the end-of-life machine will have no or little residual value.

· In-house staff sales

The IT department within the organization needs to run an informal retail outlet. This will give employees a simple way for purchasing PCs or laptops. The problem with in-house sales is the fact that several of the employees will want to buy the same desirable items.

Therefore, the IT department will be forced to show favoritism in selling the highly desirable item. The benefits of the in-house staff sales include: the employees are kept happy; income is generated on behalf of the organization; and the process requires little time and fewer resources.

· Specialist disposal partners

There are companies that have established themselves as reliable computer disposal companies. Even large computer companies including IBM, Dell, HP and Fujitsu have partnerships or computer recycling centers with other third party specialists. Many of these computer disposal companies have been licensed properly.

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430 Fastest WordPress themes with the highest YSlow and Page Speed scores

I spend the most interesting past two weeks downloading all 430 WordPress themes that were updated less than 365 days ago.

I then measured their page load times using Firefox Firebug as well as YSlow and Page Speed.

Then I summarized the results. Very interesting stuff.

I also graphed MySql number of queries, Yslow and Page Speed scores, Dynatrace time to first impressions, etc …

Many graphical results are enjoyable here in several interactively searchable and sortable tables.

Screenshots of the fastest loading WordPress themes are here

Interesting graphs summarizing several aspects of WordPress theme load times.

So even though I spend two weeks doing the tests and another week learning the graphing programming and drawing the graphs, this is first official post about it. I do not comment about the graphs or results; these graphs are all available for use on your websites: to write your own articles and give your own opinions and interpretations to your website visitors.

Interesting; but how to act based on this information? I would like to read your articles and adjust my forthcoming tests based on the comments in your articles.

These page load time measurements were done on my local computer, with a local Apache server running on CentOS 5 install within VirtualBox within ( yes ) Windows 7.

Please note that all you website visitors WILL have significantly worse times than those you find published on my webpages.

Since your website visitors are not browsing your website with their computer directly connected to your website host … in the same room … there will be network latencies (delays).

I did all the [...] Continue Reading…

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